Media must redefine themselves and pledge to drive Kaiser Trumpff insane; we can have him out by the end of April.

If the media really want to fucking help they’ll have to redefine themselves and their mission, radically. They are no use to us merely “reporting” Trump now. They have to manipulate and confuse him. Rather like the picadors riding up behind the bull and tearing into the musculature that holds up that magnificent animal’s (naturally colored) head.

First thing to do: the major cable stations, broadcast networks, national dailies and least feeble weeklies, inform the White House AND the nation that every time Trump does something horrifying, ignorant, vicious, pointlessly malicious, these major outlets will collude and announce new even lower estimates of his inaugural crowds at the Mall on Jan 20

Some headlines:

National Park Service: Squirrels Outnumbered People That Day …. And, More people seen on Jan 20  visiting the dumb, secondary, “realistic” Vietnam Memorial than were listening to Trump

Next: media bigs have to tell Trump they’re going to revive, BIG TIME, the tiny hands story. We should put what’s her name in the lead on this one. Megyn Kelly.

Yep, experts agree: it’s not the nose. Small hands, feet  coincide with ‘tiny penis’ syndrome. 

Does Putin tape show Trump’s abnormal fingers, feet, negative-space penis?  

In other words, they must DRIVE HIM INSANE. He can barely contain himself most days as it is. Make him batshit.


  1. Thanks for this bit of absurdity, but it might be helpful to suggest media work at developing bigger picture stories — like adding up American troops and tanks rolling into Poland for NATO “games,” Gorbachev suggesting in Newsweek a few days ago that war is at hand and Nikki Haley telling the UN we’ll be taking names of those who don’t have the USA’s back, corporations recalling employees working internationally, major news outlets scaling down international offices to barebones, Butthead Bannon sitting on the National Security Council as a principal, other nations clamping down their borders — and help interpret what these many developments mean for average Americans. Heather Cox Richardson, Boston College professor of American History, suggests the detentions of refugees/immigrants coming from certain Middle East countries may be “A slight of hand aka a “shock event” to keep us spinning and our eyes off of the real prize. We’re being distracted by flash bangs while staging for all-out war. Any thoughts on this? Or do you still think pranking the prez is the way to go? That possibility scares me more than wasting time agitating the Trumpster


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